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Executive Search Firm Vs Temp-to-Perm Hire. What is Better for your Company?

Executive search firms exist for one reason; to make sure your company gets only the best professionals working for you. These firms, commonly known as headhunters, do the dirty work, as it were, and go searching for the cream of the crop. However, most companies tend to use the temp-to-perm hiring basis. Although this is an excellent way to find employees, hiring an executive search firm is the best way to go.

Temp-to-Perm Hiring

This type of hiring refers to the recruitment process where a temporary employee is hired to gauge their suitability. This hiring process provides the opportunity to either retain or let go of an employee after a certain amount of time. While this may be a great way to find workers that are suited to your company, it also has its downsides, which include,

  • Training- before deciding whether to keep the employee or not, a lot of training has to be undertaken. The training is time-consuming since employees might find it hard to settle in.
  • Productivity- a temporary worker might be unproductive because their attention is not focused on the job at hand.
  • Costly- training temporary employees can be expensive and do not always end up with great results as the employee might choose to leave for another firm.

To get better results, consider switching to executive search firms.

Executive Search Firm

An executive search firm is the fastest and most dependable way to get permanent employees. These firms do most of the work and only bring you the finished product. By going with a search firm, you get a qualified, interested, and available employee. Below are some reasons why you should consider hiring an executive search firm over a temp-to-perm hiring basis.

Access to the best executive professionals

If your company is looking for high-quality executives, then an executive search firm is your best option. These firms have access to a larger pool of qualified individuals that they can tap into to ensure you get the best of the best.

Saves time and money

An executive search firm eliminates the need for you to go through hundreds of CVs. Most firms already have the best people at hand that they can easily access. You also won’t have to go through the rigorous temp training that can cost you a lot of money as these employees will already be highly qualified.


There may come a time that you need to find a replacement for a position discreetly. An executive search firm comes in handy at such a time and gives you control over the hiring process with the utmost discretion.


There is a lack of diversity in most companies, especially with senior executives. Hiring an executive search firm will help you bring more diversity into all roles and avoid biases, even unconscious ones.

There are many more benefits to hiring an executive search firm. Here at ALLinONE Employment, we ensure you get our full commitment to finding the right person for the correct position. We have access to exceptional candidates and offer you highly experienced recruiting experts. We also have a 5-year guarantee that allows you to protect your hiring investments. Furthermore, we will also replace any employee who leaves the company within 90 days at no cost; and, if an employee leaves after 90 days but before five years, we will replace them for only half of your original investments.

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