Successful Interview Tips from “ALL in ONE Employment Services”

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The impressions made on interviews are critical to the hiring process. Understanding their importance, ALLinONE would like to offer tips for helping you to maximize your interview skills, and learn the typical do’s and don’ts of meeting with a prospective employer.


  1. Know whom you are interviewing with. Nothing is worse than an interviewee who does not know anything about the company he or she is interviewing for, research details about the company, its history and even the information you can find on the individual you will be speaking with.
  2. Dress for the occasion, professional attire is crucial
  3. Pending on how far the interview is from your place of residence, it is wise to visit the interview location once or twice before the interview so that you learn the location, traffic patterns and minimize your chances of being late
  4. Don’t be late, early is always better, but by following step three you can minimize your chances of showing up too early or late
  5. Interviewers can tell when prospective employees have stringently rehearsed for the meeting, for this reason, it is important to be prepared, but don’t script your interview as you never know exactly what question will be asked
  6. Be yourself, it sounds cliché, but a relaxed and confident interviewee is significantly more likely to get the job over the person who memorized their points, is uptight and clearly trying too hard to impress
  7. Sit up, speak up, but do not come off like a robot
    1. Practice your interview skills with a friend, preferably an older adult or in a situation that is not as comfortable as talking to your best friend…this will help you prepare
  8. ALWAYS follow-up any interview, whether it goes poorly or well, with a follow-up letter or e-mail!!!
    1. This is critical, thank them for the interview and opportunity to meet them and learn more about their business. You can briefly mention your interest in the job position, but do not re-write your resume or use this as a chance to tell them everything you forgot to mention in the interview. The letter should be no more than a few short sentences.

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