ALL IN ONE Employment Services For Hiring Managers Only

ALLinONE Dedicated Service:

As part of our commitment ALLinONE provides a single-source contact for all of your company’s staffing requirements. Your ALLinONE Dedicated Associate Executive will tour your facility and meet with your hiring managers to assess your working environment, enabling your Account Executive and the ALLinONE offices to recruit, screen, evaluate, and qualify candidates who possess the skills required to be a productive member of your company.

ALLinONE – Executive Search ($100k +) Salaries:

Executive Search ($100 + Salaries)

We conduct proactive candidate searches to find the top sales, marketing, and operations management talent to fit your business needs and culture. We work hand in hand with business owners, CEOs, boards of directors, hiring managers, and HR professionals to ensure a professional and confidential executive search that meets your demanding business needs.

Direct Hire Placements:

Recruiting the right person for the right position is our passion. Our Direct Hire Placement Services offer you immediate access to one of the largest inventories of pre-screened candidates in the industry. We have a proven track record of placing exceptional people in all types of positions and across all industries.

Our Approach

We take a proactive approach with our Direct Hire Placement Services. Countless qualified candidates are pre-screened on an ongoing basis at ALLinONE. We use behavioral interviewing and functional assessment skills to handpick only the very best candidates and we assess your office environment in order to ensure that we only send people who fit your culture. The benefits of our approach is that you will spend less time reviewing resumes of unqualified candidates and more time with exceptional people you will be eager to hire.


  • You have our commitment to find the right person for the right position
  • You have access to experienced recruiting experts
  • You receive only exceptional, pre-screened candidates who fit your culture
  • You gain the expertise of our specialized recruiting focus

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ALLinONE – 5 year Guarantee

ALLinONE is so confident of the quality of their testing and matching tools that they will guarantee their results for up to five full years. ALLinONE – 5 year Guarantee Plan allows employers to protect their hiring investment. If a covered employee leaves for any reason within 90 days, ALLinONE will replace them at NO ($0.00) COST. And, most amazingly, if an employee leaves for any reason – even promotions – after 90 days and within 5 years, ALLinONE will replace them for just half of the original investment.

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Temporary Placements:

In addition to our Direct Hire Placements, we can help you find temporary and temp-to-permanent professionals to fill interim positions – even at the highest executive levels. We’re your smart, cost-efficient solution for maintaining peak productivity with a flexible work force. Our access to multiple job classifications spans a wide range of skills range from administrative and clerical, to customer service and light industrial. Temp positions are available from a minimum of 4 hours to unlimited hours.

Temp-to-Hire Placements:

Zero risk, with the key advantage of deferring hiring commitments while you evaluate skills and culture fit in actual work conditions. A temp position that can convert to a permanent position, where we maintain the employee on our payroll until the employer desires to hire him or her full time.

ALLinONE Payroll Program

Payroll and tax administration is an important, but time-consuming responsibility. Filing unemployment claims, managing employee issues and maintaining records can be overwhelming. ALLinONE understands the importance of these functions and offers co-employment as a solution.

As co-employers, we take these responsibilities seriously, and hold ourselves accountable for consistently providing an on-time and accurate payroll for each of our clients.

Employers save time every month because only one check per pay period needs to be issued to cover payroll, labor burdens, benefits, and administration. ALLinONE assumes responsibility for tax payments and liabilities associated with payroll, as well as provide these payroll and tax related services:

  • Payroll preparation and delivery
  • Payroll taxes and filing
  • Assumption of liabilities and responsibility for payroll taxes, reporting and audits
  • Specially designed payroll reports
  • Accurate and updated employee files
  • Audits
  • Job Costing
  • W-2
  • Garnishments

Web Time-Cards:

With our ALLinONE Online System, the supervisor can approve the employees Web Time Time-Cards from his or her computer. The applicant does not have to leave the office to bring the time card and the client can log in any time to verify for accurate accounting.

Professional Training:

We offer tutorials to our employees and our clients’ employees for free, which include classes in Microsoft Office, Accounting, Customer Service and many more.

ALLinONE – Project Staffing Program:

ALLinOne – Project Staffing Program is a recruiting engagement for large-scale hiring programs, defined by specific start and end dates. As workforce experts ALLinONE is a single-source solution – and our real-time candidate database makes this process a simple one for managers that value their time.

Our experienced recruiters can get your workforce ramped up quickly, and put in place the metrics and efficiencies necessary that make the screening, recruiting and hiring process run like a well-oiled machine.

Making ALLinONE Project Staffing work for you:

  • Achieve Maximum Staffing Return On Investment
  • Maintain Peak Productivity with a Flexible Work Force
  • Ensure a Transparent Blending of Skills and Culture Between Staff and Contingency Labor
  • Leverage Industry Leading Digital Assets to Perfectly Balance Response and Control
  • Draw from a Seemingly Endless Supply of Experienced and Thoroughly-Tested Individuals

ALLinONE – Project Staffing is designed to give you maximum flexibility to help your organization to locate and recruit top industry talent within a shortened time frame.

Some of our features include:

  • Competitive pricing: Fees for our managed project staffing are among the most competitive in the industry.
  • Service levels: ALLinONE offers some of the highest service levels available. We will work with you on your time table providing a complete customized solution.
  • Industry specific knowledge: Our recruiters come from a diverse background and know how your industry works.
  • Condensed Hiring Cycles: ALLinONE – Project Staffing provides for condensed hiring cycles and a systematic approach to maintain qualified candidates in the pipeline as the project grows.
  • Innovative Strategies: We develop top industry strategies to deliver targeted candidate identification and recruitment.
  • Responsiveness: Our recruiters respond to your needs and keep you informed about process and regularly update you about progress.