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Are you Considering Hiring without Professional Recruitment Agency Help? You’re probably making a mistake.
August 10, 2017

10 Keys to consider before selecting a staffing agency for the Hiring Process

Hiring Staffing Agency

Whenever you’re comparing different staffing options, there are thousand and one agencies that you may put into consideration for next steps. It is imperative that you understand the fundamental differences in agencies and have a vivid idea of the outcome you desire whenever you’re faced with options. Listed below are few steps to consider in other to make sure that you make a selection of the proper staffing agency that matches your company’s needs.

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1. Consider the industry or industries that the agency specializes in

Utilize an agency that specializes in your particular industry or that has experts that have broad knowledge in the positions you intend to fill. An agency that is specialized in just accounting personnel may not gain access to a large number of IT candidates, or the knowledge to comprehend the particular skills and experiences that are needed to carry out the job.

 2.You need to have an understanding of your timeline as well as how it links up with a staffing agency

As far as many companies are concerned, staffing needs can start and as well end abruptly and most times it’s not easy to plan for. Carrying out a quick and efficient hiring of staff can turn out to be the top goal easily for a large number of employers. When excellence becomes an important factor for companies or organizations, it is important to put into consideration a larger network and agency as well. Quick hiring out of a smaller niche agency is more difficult and in general more tasking to find the appropriate skill set for the job.

3. The options of the agency has to be in alignment with your needs

Knowing what your company wants in a hiring agency is another important step to consider when determining the perfect staffing agency relationship. There are some important factors that can distinguish one staffing agency from another. Know if the agencies you are considering offer the following outstanding benefits and services: onsite management, services that are customized, the capability to serve a large number of requests, adequate skills training as well as onboarding support, advantage to their temporary associates, a track record that is proven in the industry etc. Every single offering can save time for your company, money, and successful management of these services will ensure a stronger return on investment.

4. Consider the type of staffing services they provide

There are certain agencies that offer just temporary or contract workers, others have to do with temp-to-hire and permanent-placement employees too. Pick an agency that has services that address your present demands as well as fulfill your future prerequisite. By being very proactive in your choosing, don’t change agencies if your needs evolve from a limited number of temporary workers to close short-term gaps to staff searches that are permanent in support of sustained business advancement.


5. A staffing agency has to be transparent

Staffing, payroll as well as HR is hard to navigate, however, any support or input from agencies shouldn’t make the process mystified anymore; rather, it should only assist in clarifying and bolstering your choices as a company by offering a fresh level of knowledge. A company with a transparent staffing offers this type of understanding and will not hide any of the soft costs which may be hard to see and as well plan for. These may include disruptions in operations or productivity, increases in workload, low team power, etc.

6. Find out how they carry out the sourcing, screening and selection procedure: 

A staffing agency that takes care of HR services like background checks, initial interviews as well as skill assessments can save you a lot of time and money. When managers in charge hiring can be certain that the candidates they are carrying out the interview on match the job requirements, they can put their concentration on evaluating the candidates’ other traits, e.g. kind of person, style of work, communication as well as problem-solving skills.

7. Consider how the agency handles poor placements:

At times, irrespective of the most detailed screening processes and evaluation process, bad hires occur. Select an agency that provides refunds or gives other remedies that are acceptable for poor placements.

8. The largeness and strength of the agency’s talent pool:

so many factors are put into consideration when selecting a contract worker skill level, experience, education, personality, work style, etc. Picking an agency with access to candidates with a large number of different backgrounds can provide you with a better chance of locating the employee suitable for your company as well as your budget.

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9. They must know your business:

Whenever you’re interviewing the intended staffing agencies, do well to ask them open-ended questions about your industry and/or the particular job position you want to fill. Their reply can give you a sign about their level of necessary knowledge. Agencies whose personnel has a very close understanding with respect to these areas can most times appreciate the nuances of your particular needs and pinpoint the most important contract workers or candidates with permanent placement.

10. Know the agency’s rates and fee structure:

It is important to know if they bill separately for background checks as well as skill testing, or the services are part of the hiring or placement fee. It’s better to Select an agency with a fee that has a clear schedule. Know exactly what you can expect to pay for the service(s) that takes care of your staffing and HR outsourcing demands.

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